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    Personal Information
    Why a Web Site?
    As someone who's conducted several interviews, and rolled the dice on more than one candidate after only knowing them for an hour, I thought I'd put together this web site to help anyone interested in contracting my services get to know me a little better.

    It's my hope that after looking over this site, you'll get a better feel for who I am and that might help you to know more about whether or not my services would be of use to you. It's all about reducing you risk.

    Who Am I?

    My name is Earl Damron (you already figured that part out I'm sure). I provide independent consulting services specializing in Visual Basic, COM, dcom, n-tier development, and application architecture. To this end, I would consider myself a senior developer.

    But let's face it. There's a ton of folks out there who would call themselves senior developers; even experts. What this means to me is not only that I have several years of Visual Basic experience (around 6 at this point) but that I have spent those years working very hard to learn and improve my skills beyond that which six years of experience would buy me. I have long believed that everyone can go to work day after day and learn what they need to get by. If they're lucky, they may even pick up a few extra things along the way.

    What it takes to become a senior developer is a great deal of time and effort, spent independently, learning new things and fine-tuning those things you already know. Time learning not just the how but the why. As an independent, I don't rely on my current client or those around me to enhance my skills and experience (although I certainly do take advantage of the skills of those around me when I can).

    I have always invested heavily in myself in terms of time, training, hardware, software, and anything else I need in order to learn and grow. In the last few years, I've had a little help in this area from microsoft, who has recognized me as a Most Valuable Professional (mvp). Along with some much-appreciated recognition comes from some free software and tools (a free Universal msdn subscription ). This, along with a complete nt Server-based home network, allows me to duplicate almost any environment. Need and n-tier mts and sql Server application? I've created them, both at home in my spare time and for clients. Need to develop cutting-edge activex controls and distribute them to your customers? I've created those too. Want a senior trustworthy consultant for some remote development? I have all the latest equipment including high-speed internet connectivity.

    As an independent, my responsibility is to have the experience you need, not hope you'll hire me so I can get it.

    My Experience
    As I mentioned above, my experience centers primarily around Visual Basic creating multi-tier applications. In a little more detail, here's some of things I've done:

    • Visual Basic I started working with vb in my spare time using version three. Since then, I've used it full time and been certified by Microsoft in every version except version four. My areas of focus have been standard executables, ActiveX dlls, ActiveX EXEs, ActiveX controls, and the Windows api. I've worked on the front end, in the middle tier, and on the back end. I have created small in-house applications as well as widely distributed multi-tier applications and ActiveX controls.
    • Access & SQL Server Many of my applications have been database applications. These databases have included Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and sybase SQL Server. Database work has included database and table design, stored procedure creation, olap services and data cubes, and English Language Query applications.
    • Application Design & Architecture It seems like in just about every project I've done over the last several years, I've been involved in the application design process. In some cases, I designed and implemented the system entirely by myself. In other cases, I led the design and architecture effort. Systems have come a long way from what they used to be. I have done my best to stay abreast of where systems and systems architecture are going to enable me to design systems that will scale to meet today's distributed system needs.
    • Senior Developer & Mentor I truly enjoy working with other developers. I enjoy the challenge of always trying to stay on top of our game and always sharing that knowledge with those around me. For several years now, I have been fortunate enough to be able to function in somewhat of a mentor role. This includes implementing programs to share tips with one another, providing short training sessions on topics of need or interest, and developing coding standards or methodologies to ensure everyone rises to the occasion.
    • Author Okay, this one may be a little bit of reality mixed with a little bit of desire. I've always wanted to write books, speak at technical seminars like vbits, and those things. Recently, I had the opportunity to begin writing articles for new Visual Basic ezine called EZ Programming Weekly. This is a weekly publication. I typically write articles for the advanced section. Check out some of my latest articles!

    My Credentials
    I officially became a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer on July 29, 1996 after passing exams for Visual Basic 3, Access 2, Windows Operating Systems and Services Architecture I & ii. Since then, I have also passed exams for Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures, Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6-Desktop, and Visual Basic 6-Distributed. With these exams, my certification is 100% up to date. To see the entire exam history, view a copy of my transcript. This transcript includes my official mcp number should you wish to verify my status with Microsoft.
    For about two years now, I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve as and be recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

    mvps earn their status by being nominated by peers and Microsoft Support Engineers and Team Managers who see their consistent and accurate technical answers posted on electronic areas in response to customer questions. The volunteer spirit of the MVPs and their positive online contribution helps create strong communities.

    For more information about the MVP program, visit the MVP Web Site.

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