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    Just a quick note to let you how pleased we are with the work that Earl Damron is doing for us. Things are going extremely well. Earl has been very quick to pick up this project that was only "theory" at one time and make it all work. He is an outstanding worker all around.

    The quality of the code documentation is exceptional which, as he understands, will be important if future enhancements are required to this system. He never hesitates to help us by answering any question we might come up with, even on projects unrelated to what he is working on. He is even quick to jump in and offer us the use of his personal laptop to look up subjects on his copy of the MSDN and shares his knowledge generously.

    Overall, this has been the best experience I have ever had working with a contractor. He work ethic is very impressive and his accomplishments on the system he is developing for us are just amazing!

    Physicians Endoscopy

    My purpose in writing this letter is to extend my personal recommendation on behalf of Earl Damron.

    I have known Earl for over four years and during that time I have had the pleasure of working closely with him. Earl is a bright, honest and hard working individual. From a technical perspective I believe that Earl is without any doubt the most talented person that I know personally.

    Earl has worked on numerous projects with me ranging from web site development to the creation of an entire medical billing and patient scheduling system. My experience has been that no one can work harder than Earl and I think that few people can work any smarter. As a person, Earl is professional, articulate, a good mentor and an excellent teacher. Any one who may be considering Earl as a potential employee or partner would be making a wise choice. I feel strongly that I can recommend Earl without hesitation..

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