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  1803 The Meadow Road
Louisville, Ky 40223
Phone (502) 905-7396
Fax (502) 412-1795

  Objective To become part of a team that, like myself, works very hard to be the best they can be, produce first-rate custom software products, exceed client expectations at all times, and constantly strive to improve.
  Professional Experience Aug 2000 - Present
Affinity Corporation, West Hills, CA
Independent Consultant
  • Developed a multi-threaded VB.NET Windows service to monitor for new files from customers and process those files appropriately.
  • Re-architected company's primary product, a mortgage fraud detection application, to enhance performance and scalability. Average processing times for a single unit of work decreased from 2-4 minutes to 15-20 seconds. Technologies included Visual Basic 6, ADO, MTS, MSMQ, COM/DCOM, and SQL Server.
  • Mentored existing development staff by providing brief weekly group training sessions in addition to individual chat sessions.
  • Introduced and implemented a "tip of the week" program to increase knowledge and team cohesiveness among developers.
  • Assisted in implementing standard practices to enhance the overall efficiency of the software development process.
    Apr 2000 - Aug 2000
Physician's Endoscopy, L.L.C., Jamison, PA
Independent Consultant
  • Planning, design, development, and production of the company's Web site. In additional to standard HTML, site includes ASP pages pulling from a MySQL database, Outlook Web Access against Microsoft Exchange 5.5, multi-media content using Real Player from Real Networks, and CSS usage.
    Nov 1999 - Apr 2000
ProMedical, Inc., Ocala, FL
Independent Consultant
  • Enhanced applications listed under "Navix Radiology" below to include a patient scheduling component.
  • Developed scheduling OCX to graphically represent patient appointments stored in Outlook/MS Exchange.
  • Installed application at client sites in both stand-alone and DCOM configuration.
  • Creating additional Web interface for current business and data access application tiers.
    Mar 1999 - Nov 1999
Objective Advantage, Inc., Kingwood, TX
Independent Consultant
  • Worked independently tele-commuting and as part of a small team on-site to develop an n-tier order entry application using VB6, MTS, ADO, COM/DCOM, and an HP3000.
  • Also developed a sales data warehouse and corresponding English Language Query application on SQL Server 7 and the SQL Server 7 OLAP tools.
  • Also did extensive design work prior to application development using use cases, object modeling, and UML.
    Nov 1998 - Jan 1999
Navix Radiology, Inc., Miami, FL
Independent Consultant
  • Worked independently to create several applications which streamline data entry, both for data entry personnel and via electronic means, for medical charge billing information. All applications use VB5, MS Access 97, COM/DCOM, and Crystal Reports.
    Jun 1996 - Nov 1998
American Commercial Lines Jeffersonville, IN
Independent Consultant
  • Worked both independently and as part of small team to create, maintain, and enhance a VB5/Sybase SQL Server Barge System which tracked company barges, boats, and customer information.
  • Lead efforts to enhance in-house development standards.
  • Lead the company's efforts to streamline the development process by creating reusable components that are of benefit to both the system users and corporate developers. These include new ActiveX components, DLLs, and EXEs.
    Jun 1995 - Nov 1998
CimCom, Inc., Compton, IL
Independent Consultant (part-time)
  • Worked independently to create, maintain, and enhance a data entry application. The application started in VB3 and is still being enhanced and modified in VB6 using a multi-tier design to improve maintainability and scalability. Data is maintained in an MS Access database. Reports are created using Crystal Reports.
    Mar 1996 - Jun 1996
SarCom, Inc. Louisville, KY
  • Worked independently to create a product profitability tool utilized by Anthem Blue Cross to analyze profitability of various insurance groups. The application was written using VB3, VBA, MS Access 2.0, Excel 5.0, and Word 5.0.
    1994 - 1995
Koinonia, Inc. Louisville, KY
Consultant (part-time)
  • Primary programmer and later technical user support on a shrink-wrap application that managed information about horses for stud farms or individual horse owners. Data tracked and maintained included horses, veterinarians, medications, genealogy, and boarders. The application was written in FoxPro 2.6 for Windows.
    Jan 1995 - Mar 1996
Technology Consulting, Inc. Louisville, KY
  • Various projects written in Visual C++ for large oil company. Applications managed mostly vehicle fleets. Also included some time spent doing large analysis project for appliance manufacturing company.
    Jun 1992 - Jan 1995
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co. Louisville, KY
  • Developed and maintained order processing system for the IBM 3090 in Natural and ADABAS. Served in team leader and senior programmer roles.
    Jun 1991 - Jun 1992
National Processing Company Louisville, KY
  • Developed and maintained travel agent maintenance system for the IBM 3090 in Natural and ADABAS.
    1987 - Jun 1991
United States Marine Corps Quantico, VA
  • Developed and maintained financial information systems for the IBM 3090 in Natural and ADABAS.
    Dec 1990 - Jun 1991
Georgetown University Washington D.C.
Programmer (part-time)
  • Developed and maintained campus accounting systems for the IBM 3090 in Natural and ADABAS.
  Awards Received
  • Selected "most creative approach" in the Visual Basic Coding Guru Contest sponsored by The Mandelbrot Set.
  • Selected runner-up in the VBxtras ActiveX Document Contest. Of the five categories of entries, my entry won the Best Use of Third Party Tools and Best Use of New Microsoft Technologies categories.
  Additional Professional Activities
  • I have been recognized by Microsoft as a Certified Solution Developer. Current relevant exams include Visual Basic 6 Desktop, Visual Basic 6 Distributed, Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures, and Visual Basic 5. Previous exams include Visual Basic 3, Access 2, Windows Operating System and Services Architecture I & II.
  • I have also been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional. This designation is awarded to those in the on-line community who are willing to share extensively of their time and expertise to help others with questions or problems in their development efforts.
  Education 1988 - 1990
Park College
Parkville, MO
  • BS with Honors in Management, Computer Information Systems
  • Graduated Suma Cum Laude
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